Our proprietary Advanced Wireless Site Survey (AWSS) tool is a comprehensive system that determines the best cellular carrier for your potential wireless sites. One of the most important steps when planning a wireless fleet deployment is determining the quality of the radio frequency (RF) conditions at each location. AWSS tests performance metrics such as signal strength, latency, throughput, and packet loss, with pass/fail measured against the data speed, capacity, and quality necessary to support your wireless applications. The AWSS program uses automated testing applications that streamline this process. AWSS simplifies variables such as multiple carrier testing, RF interference, and remediates site-specific logistical and performance issues. AWSS compiles radio and network test results across multiple 4G LTE bands that are benchmarked with industry standards and client requirements. The AWSS process allows us to accurately predict the long-term performance and stability of your wireless network by providing you with our recommendation of preferred carrier, as well as signal amplifier and/or enhanced antenna if required. The BulletPlusAC provides fast CAT9 CA LTE connections with up to 450 Mbps for today's data intensive applications.The BulletPlusAC-CAT9 features 4x Gigabit LAN Ports, 2x Independent Gigabit WAN Ports, Dual SIM w/Failover, 802.11ac WiFi, Dual RS232 Serial Data, 2x Programmable I/O and Standalone GPS.

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